The 7 Most Affordable Valentine’s Gifts for Her

Gift Ideas for her

If you are on a tight budget and want to get a valentine gifts for your special one. There are many Valentine’s Day gifts for her that are affordable and can impress your lady love. Customers can check a great variety of the valentine’s gifts for her at one of the trusted online gift store Galific in Canada 24×7.

Following are some of the gift ideas for women in Canada:

  1. Handmade cards

If you want to impress your girl then you can make a handmade card. Women appreciate handmade cards because it contains personal memories. Making cards is a sweet gesture and the materials are affordable. You can add a few pictures to the card.

  • Flowers and bouquets 

Flowers are the traditional way to show love towards your partner. It is the most popular gift on Valentine’s Day given to the loved one. Almost half of the women love to receive flowers from their loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

You can give flowers such as:

Single rose: you can send the rose along with the secret message to your loved one.

Potted plants: you can even give a potted plant to her. It would be like a memory to her.

  • Candies and chocolates

Chocolates are as famous as flowers on Valentine’s Day. Around 30 percent of women love to receive chocolates. You can buy special boxes of chocolates. You can give her truffles, chocolate-dipped strawberries, chocolate fudge, and heart-shaped cookies which are especially available on Valentine’s Day.

  • Pendants

Gifting pendants to your lady would make her happy. You can gift pendants where you can put your picture in them. You can even give her a pendant set with a sweet message.

  • Books

If your partner is a book lover then the book is the perfect gift for her. There are many books which you can give to her. If you know the choice then you can gift her hardcovers, paperbacks, etc.

  • Heart themed gifts

The shape of heart is the universal symbol of love. At the time of Valentine’s Day, stores are full of heart-shaped cards and boxes.

  • Ear rings

If your girl loves earrings then you can gift her beautiful earrings. There are many types of earrings available. You can gift her heart-shaped earrings and many more.

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